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Christine Dean

It's all Geek to Us

Christine Dean
is one of Geek Prom's masters of ceremony and a longtime radio dweeb. She hosts the early portion of "Music Through the Day" on KUMD radio (103.3FM in Duluth). She wore really thick glasses from third grade on, each pair uglier than the previous. Her mother made all her clothes when she was growing up, including her underwear. She was a member of 4-H, choir, the Spanish club, yearbook staff and the speech team.

Mary Hall is a DJ, gamer geek and new enough to the committee that we haven't fleshed out her bio yet.

Alison Klawiter was raised in the wilds of Wisconsin, where geekdom is a refuge from both boredom and savagery. She spent her years as a nerd apprentice in the back room of her father's high-school chemistry lab, where she gained an appreciation for Monty Python and the music of Tom Lehrer. In college, she wielded both pen and (mostly metaphorical) sword to graduate with degrees in English and Medieval Studies. She can speak Latin on command, knit you a sweater, and can be found dancing most nights of the week (tap, hip-hop/jazz, and belly dance, depending on the night).  She has been known to geek out about topics ranging from typography to board games to vintage movie musicals. Alison currently teaches undergraduates the finer points of writing, judges robotics competitions, and is an enthusiastic nerd-about-town.

Paul Lundgren is the twit who came up with the idea for Geek Prom. He had huge buckteeth when he was a kid, was constantly beat up by his sister and frequently had his mother cut his hair by putting a bowl on his head and cutting around it. In junior high school, his classmates voted him "Biggest Skid." His years of experience on the audio/visual squad at Denfeld High School led him to a mass communications degree in college. He is best known as a newspaper columnist and a very nice man, but he has also worked as a journalist, newspaper editor, FedEx deliveryman, liquor store clerk, convenience store toilet swabber, telephone book deliveryman, advertising copy writer and radio announcer.

Lawrence Lee, the 2008 King Geek, was born and raised in Wapakoneta, Ohio, the hometown of Neil Armstrong. He started playing D&D in 1977 when players still had to use crayon to color in the crappy plastic dice. He learned BASIC on a TRS 80 and FORTRAN using a card reader. In high school he was salutatorian of his class, medaling in the state Mathletes competition and also serving as a library assistant. In college he studied physics, mathematics and philosophy, and worked as a civil engineering lab assistant. In graduate school he ran the A/V department. He works as a Presbyterian minister and editor of the PDD Calendar. His study is decorated with a lava lamp, an original Chris Monroe painting and Star Wars paraphernalia. As Geek Prom royalty he would like to decree for all time: “Han shot first.”

Crystal Pelkey joined the prom committee after being crowned Queen Geek in 2005. She is also the winner of the first-ever Gonzo Gong Show talent competition. Fluent in Spanish and sign language, Crystal is also a proud collector of Star Wars memorabilia and New Kids on the Block comic books. Since the third grade, all of her romances have been imaginary. She also enjoys playing Yahtzee with her elderly neighbors and making her own puff paint and patch pants. Two years ago, she was fortunate enough to meet Graham and Russell from Air Supply, and she quickly followed that up by forming an air band for the Air Supply Air Jam competition at the 2011 Geek Prom.

Paul Lundgren

Crystal Pelkey