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Answers to Somewhat Frequently Asked Questions

Hey, when is there going to be another Geek Prom?
At this time there are no plans for another Geek Prom. After many years of successfully battling the hideous Fleckuloids of the Mineculon, the prom committee and royalty are now engaged in a period of complacency.

Who goes to the Geek Prom? Is the event just for smart people with taped glasses?
You’ll be sure to find all types of misfit at Geek Prom, including nerds, dill-weeds, spazzes, dorks, doofuses, dweebs, Einsteins, putzes, pizza faces, queer bait, brainiacs, space cadets, mathletes, gamers, Trekkies, marching-band members, disc jockeys, zeros, hobbyists, greenies, rejects and just about every kind of weakling in the world. Any career masturbator who is at least 21 years old is a good candidate to attend Geek Prom.

What if I can't find a date?
Just because this is a prom doesn't mean you should bring a date. It is very much expected and preferred that you will come either alone or with someone who is related to you.

What if, through some miracle, I do find a date. Is that frowned upon?
Well, not really. You won't be persecuted or anything like that. As long as your date is such an awesome geek that it cancels out any cool points having a date might earn you, you should be fine.

I don’t like to be called a geek; I’m a Spastic American. Can Geek Prom be more sensitive to that?
No. You should be proud to be a geek. We’ve taken the word back. We are empowered by it. The word “geek” has no negative connotation. It is a compliment.

How should I dress for the prom?
Whatever your mom lays out on the bed for you should be just fine. Ladies, remember: The higher up your waistline you wear your pants, the more your bust will be accentuated.

Will there be strange languages spoken? How should I respond if someone uses technology terms I don’t understand or speaks in Klingon?
Just say, “It’s all geek to me.”

Seriously, though. If I'm not into Star Trek and Star Wars and am not interested in arguing about lightsabres and Warp Drive, what is there for me?
There will certainly be people discussing political allegory, subtle or otherwise, in Battlestar Galactica. So, there's that.

I heard that there have been streakers at Geek Prom. Is that true?
There were streakers at the first seven Geek Proms. In the most recent two, there were not. It's never officially been part of the show. Some people just get carried away. It's called the Geek Streak.

I also heard streakers were pepper sprayed one year and charged with indecent exposure. Is that true?
Yeah. A St. Paul cop freaked out in 2007. The prom committee is trying to raise money to help out the streakers, who suffered too much for too little reason. Read more about that here.

One time, I stayed up all night drinking Shasta Moon Mist and playing D& D with some friends from my swim team. We put on a They Might Be Giants tape and started jumping around until I threw up on my Converse high-tops. Is Geek Prom like that?