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With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Here's the royalty roll call from ten years of Geek Proms:

2013 - King Jason Ford and Queen Mandy Muellner
2011 - King Alec Habig and Queen Megan Shuey
2009 - King James Ellingson and Queen Rachael Gilman
2008 - King Lawrence Lee and Queen Trish Stinnett
2007 - King Neal Spinler and Queen Katy Haugland
2006 - King Eric Houston and Queen Shari Hartshorn
2005 - King John Cavanaugh and Queen Crystal Pelkey
2004 - King Chris "Lithis" Nelson and Queen Zoey Cohen
2003 - King Ben Fisher-Merritt and Queen AnnMarie O'Malley
2002 - King Ryan Amundson and Queen Gina Giacomini